August 28, 2011

Tell You What

Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Unknowns

By Mickey Smith
On view at Land of Tomorrow, Louisville
September 23 – October 30, 2011
Opening Reception September 23rd @ 7pm
Louisville Photo Biennial October 7th @ 6pm

Land of Tomorrow (LOT) is pleased to present Tell You What by Mickey Smith, an installation of three works that will open at our Louisville location on the 23rd of September with a reception at 7pm.  Additionally, Tell You What will be part of the Louisville Photo Biennial; there will be a reception in coordination with the biennial on the 7th of October starting at 6pm.

For Tell You What, Mickey Smith will be installing several works including In Memoriam, Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Unknowns, and Collocation No. 17 (VOGUE).  In Memoriam is made using hundreds of legal tomes stacked on the floor.  VOGUE is an archival print on canvas of hundreds of rainbow colored annals of Vogue magazines. Known Knowns, Known Unknowns, Unknown Unknowns is another print of the top of Donald Rumsfeld’s head, pictured with shelves of books behind him.

Mickey Smith’s installations and photographs are commentaries on the changing role of the academic tome.  Once a symbol of learning and of the academic elite, books are becoming kitschy objects collected by people who want to appear to read.  Smith uses books as minimalist sculptures commenting on this trend and the academic move toward digital versions.  She is entering the post-digital debate on information storage.  What information should be kept in its physical form, stored digitally, or allowed to be lost?  Her works highlight the trend towards online journals and classes and away from the nostalgic relics of the library while archiving objects and presenting them as sculptural forms.

Mickey Smith is represented by INVISIBLE-EXPORTS in New York City and has exhibited at The Guggenheim Gallery of Chapman University in California, the Mary Walker Gallery in Texas, the hpgrp gallery in New York City, the Jen Bekman Gallery in New York City, the Pingyao International Photography Festival in Pingyao, China, and the Frank Stone Gallery in Minnesota.  She has had solo exhibitions at INVISIBLE-EXPORTS in New York City, Georgia College & State University Museum in Georgia, Alvar Alto Library in Russia, PRO ARTE Institute, Pushkin House in St. Petersburg, the Center for Photography at Woodstock in New York.  Her awards include a fellowship for photography from the McKnight Foundation, a permanent commission from the University of Florida, grants from the LMCC Manhattan Community Arts Fund, CEC Artslink and FORECAST Public Art Affairs.





Photos by Leslie Doyle

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