February 14, 2012

Two New Exhibitions Open in March

Three Heads, R. Clint Colburn

Mad Flag by R. Clint Colburn | Life Without Ritalin by James Whitefox Lyons

On view at Land of Tomorrow, Lexington
March 2, 2012 – March 23, 2012
Opening Reception @ 7pm March 2

Land of Tomorrow is pleased to present two new exhibitions that will open on Friday March 2nd with a reception at 7pm. The exhibitions will include Mad Flag by R. Clint Colburn and Life Without Ritalin by James Whitefox Lyons. Both exhibitions will open on Friday March 2nd and run through Friday March 23rd.

Mad Flag consists of new paintings and drawings from Lexington, KY artist R. Clint Colburn, including works from the artist’s Gautcuff Series. Colburn describes his artistic process as a non-formulaic form of escapism, exercised meditation, and existing without limitation of a singular interpretation or concept.

Colburn conjures up his ever-expanding universe in flaming tongues of pink, orange and yellow. The forgotten tracks his figures follow, while at once smiling and la-la-la-ing all the way, can immediately jolt a viewer at any moment along one of Colburn’s tender meanderings, heartened pondering and electric moments of sadness and joy.”

-Ben Allen, artist

Colburn has exhibited numerous times in Lexington, KY, as well as also showing work in Today is a Beautiful Day at the Nog Gallery in London, England, A Thousand Million Nerve Cells at Show Pony in Los Angeles, CA, and most recently alongside fellow Lexington artist Matt Minter at the Skylab Gallery in Columbus, OH.

Life Without Ritalin, from Lexington, KY artist James Whitefox Lyons, is a series of paintings and photography that is described by the artist as being “a visual language that attempts to tell the story of Whitefox.” Within this compilation of themes Ritalin represents a metaphor for self-regulation and what people used to achieve a sense of “normalcy.” Whether it be religion, sexual identity, medication, illicit drugs, alcohol, or sex, Lyons states that everyone possesses some form of “Ritalin.”

Lyons is a graduate of Sayre School and works primarily in photography, painting, and illustration. He has most recently exhibited in the Hide and Seek group exhibition at the Miller House in Lexington, KY.



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