January 4, 2013



Image: Liberace by Thom Heyer

A solo exhibition by Thom Heyer
with performances by EnVaGe and the Lexington Ballet
On view at Land of Tomorrow, Lexington
January 18-31, 2013
Opening reception at 6pm on Friday, January 18th
Admission after 7pm is $10

Land of Tomorrow is pleased to present Mannish, a solo exhibition by Thom Heyer. Mannish will open with a reception on Friday, January 18th at 6pm and remain on display through January 31st. The evening will also feature a performance from Lexington based ensemble EnVaGe, accompanied by dancers from the Lexington Ballet. Those who arrive early for the reception can attend the performance free of charge, admission after 7pm will be $10.

Thom Heyer is a visual artist and costume designer who lives in New York City. His work explores and questions notions of gender and sexuality through religious imagery and iconography, heavily influenced by Byzantine and Haitian Voodoo art of the saints. The use of found objects and scraps from Heyer’s personal history are essential to much of the work creating a uniquely Americana feel. His subjects are often people from American popular culture who have been influential in his life and each piece is considered an homage. Heyer sometimes refers to these pieces as “graven images” in reference to the second commandment in the King James Bible: “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image”. Heyer has exhibited in New York, Dallas, Miami and Milan. This exhibit at Land of Tomorrow Gallery spans approximately 15 years of works from this series.

EnVaGe is a variable geometry ensemble dedicated to championing repertoire from both the standard practice and contemporary fields of Western art music. The ensemble is formed by approximately 16 solo performers who interact in different settings according to programmatic needs. Led by Artistic Directors Cesar Leal and Andrew Bliss, EnVaGe’s goal is to unify music across time periods, genres, and styles in one unique musical experience. For this performance EnVaGe will be performing works by Argentinian composer Astor Piazzola, joined by dancers from the Lexington Ballet under the direction of Artistic Director Luis Dominguez.

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